American Aquarium @ Uncle Slayton’s

Friday, Jan. 18

Uncle Slayton’s
1017 E. Broadway
$10; 9 p.m.

Straight out of Raleigh, N.C. (the unofficial alt-country headquarters), American Aquarium has seen more than a few fellow promising bands, romantic flings and booze-fueled highs come and go in the six years and five-plus albums they have been performing and touring together. Containing a genuine raw rock element with just a little bit of twang, American Aquarium is right up the alley of Cory Branan or Whiskeytown fans. As boys who clearly possess music in their hearts and a little sorrow in their souls, American Aquarium speaks to the cyclical nature of highs and lows and life on the road on latest album Burn.Flicker.Die, which was recorded in less than eight days with alt-country guitarist Jason Isbell. Show ’em a good time; it is the only way to convince them to continue playing music for a seventh year. —Kelly Kettering

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