‘Choreographers’ Showcase’ @ Louisville Ballet

Jan. 24-26

Louisville Ballet
315 E. Main St. • 583-2623
$20-$25; 8 p.m.

The Louisville Ballet’s annual “Choreographers’ Showcase” practices truth in advertising. The title tells you what to expect — a number of new dances created by their choreographers, many of whom happen to be dancers in the Louisville Ballet. Ben Needham-Wood, Ashley Thursby and Helen Daigle are just a few of the choreographers presenting their work this year. Occasionally these brand-new, hot-off-the-press dances are expanded and performed again later, just as “Sansei” was in 2012 and “continuum” in 2008. These 12 new pieces will be performed in the studio of the Louisville Ballet, making the dances seem as if they are being performed just for you and some of your friends. It also means space is limited and it’s best to purchase tickets in advance. —Jo Anne Triplett

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