Damaged Goods Improv @ The Bard’s Town

Saturday, Jan. 26

The Bard’s Town
1801 Bardstown Road • 741-6838
$10; 7:30 p.m.

Remember the segment on “Whose Line is it Anyway?” when audience members would throw out phrases or suggestions, and the improv comics and actors would have to create a bit on the spot? Yep, that’s the heart of improv, and Saturday you can get in on the act at the Bard’s Town when local improv troupe Damaged Goods presents “Cats Blastin’.” Comprised of local comics/actors Parker Bowles, Stefan Gearhart and Rocky Williams, Damaged Goods will bring down the house with their wit and quickness — and sometimes even their crassness — for two solid hours. In their words, come out and watch them turn your suggestions into “comic gold.” Oh, and the Bard’s Town has pretty good food, too, so come for dinner. —Kevin Gibson

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