John Cowan @ Uncle Slayton’s

Friday, Jan. 25

Uncle Slayton’s
1017 E. Broadway
$20; 8:30 p.m.

Evansville native John Cowan has tried on a few hats in a long and fun career in music. First, as vocalist and bassist for New Grass Revival, he and bandmates including Sam Bush and Bela Fleck brought bluegrass into the modern era, adding their rock ’n’ roll-fueled energy to a genre in need of a new generation’s attention. As a solo artist, he’s been a criminally underrated Americana pioneer, fusing country, newgrass and soul styles, finding the common ground between disparate forms of classic American music. And he’s paid the bills for his artistic explorations, at times, by touring as the Doobie Brothers’ bassist, because those State Fair shows need somebody to crank out those ’70s hits all over again. Louisville lets John be John, so doobie doobie do go say hi. —Peter Berkowitz

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