Shahzia Sikander @ Kentucky School of Art

Thursday, Jan. 31

Kentucky School of Art
849 S. Third St. • 618-4600
Free; 6 p.m.

The Kentucky School of Art continues to bring acclaimed artists to town through their Visiting Artist Program. Their next presenter is Shahzia Sikander, who has expanded her talents as a miniaturist into new media and multiculturalism. Included in her lecture will be screenings of her recent animated films. One of her latest works, “The Last Post,” is inspired by her interest in the British colonization of India. “Over the years, I have worked in a variety of mediums and formats, including small detailed paintings, murals, animation, installation, video and some collaboration with other artists,” Sikander says. “All the while, I have mostly been interested in cultural and political boundaries as a space for opening up new frameworks for dialogue and visual narrative.” —Jo Anne Triplett

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