Future @ Euphoria

Saturday, Feb. 2

20 Theater Square
$15; 10 p.m.

I’d like to sit in the studio with singer/rapper/auto-tune aficionado Future just so I could witness his wanton disregard for The One. Hell, I’d be happy if he could clap on one and three. I’ve had several conversations where the mouth pointed in my direction fixed its lips to praise Future’s songwriting and performing ability. This bodes well for Club Euphoria, and the city at large, as this is yet another in what has been an extremely quiet but pretty stellar trend of top shelf hip-hop and R&B talent getting bookings in Louisville, all without the assistance of the city’s more prominent promoters and venues. Over the last several months, clubs and bars like Euphoria and Cole’s Place have been bringing national acts to the city with large degrees of success. Salud Euphoria! —Damien McPherson

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