‘Changing Art World’ @ U of L’s Business School

Janice Guy

Wednesday, Feb. 6

U of L’s Business School
634-2759 • speedmuseum.org
$5 (free for members); 6 p.m.

“Value” has multiple meanings — yielding 14, to be exact, with a look at a dictionary. It’s the same when talking about the value of art. Exactly what do you mean — are you talking about how much it costs or its importance? With the most expensive painting clocking in at over $250 million (the Royal Family of Qatar spent at least that to purchase Cezanne’s “The Card Players” in 2011), there’s no doubt art can be costly. But that’s its monetary value. What about the other meanings? While the Speed Art Museum is closed for renovations, its outreach program “Speed About Town” is presenting a public lecture on the value of art with curators/artists Matthew Higgs and Janice Guy and hosted by Suzanne Weaver, the Speed’s director of modern and contemporary art. —Jo Anne Triplett

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