‘Etch’ @ Flame Run

Feb. 7-March 30

Flame Run
815 W. Market St. • 584-5353

Artists love to play because it stretches their creative muscles. That’s what “Etch” is all about — creative play between artists who work in different media. In this case, it’s printmaking and glass and how they respond to each other. Louisville’s Justin Kamerer is best known for his posters, merchandise and album covers, as well as his work with Crackhead Press. Glass artist Rick Schneider and printmaker Nikki Vahle, a husband-and-wife team who have been collaborating on glass sculpture for 14 years, live near Minneapolis. “Some art speaks to each other even if they are not the same medium,” says curator/gallery director Tiffany Ackerman. “You put these artists together and they make a nice conversation.” The reception is Friday from 6:30-9 p.m., with a demonstration by Schneider at 7 p.m. —Jo Anne Triplett

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