‘Traditional Arts of North Africa, etc.’ @ U of L

Through Feb. 24

Schneider Hall Galleries
Hite Art Institute, U of L • 852-4483

Non-Western art intrigues us because, as Westerners, they give us glimpses into other worlds. U of L is showing more than 100 works in textiles, metal and other media from the collection of Gray Henry, director of Fons Vitae Press, a publishing house for scholarly and spiritual texts. She comes by this vast collection from her interest in traditional Islamic cultures fostered by her family’s long residence in Egypt. The exhibition is a collaboration between U of L’s Middle East and Islamic Studies, Fine Arts, and Anthropology departments and was co-curated by anthropology professors Anita Harris and Julie Peteet. It includes many examples of Islamic art, such as calligraphy, geometrical ornamentation, arabesque and floral themes. —Jo Anne Triplett

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