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‘Dog Days’ @ Archives & Special Collections, U of L

<ART> Through Aug. 29 ‘Dog Days’ Archives & Special Collections, U of L Ekstrom Library • 852-6752 I’m a cat person. That said, I have nothing against dogs and have even owned a couple. So if a photography exhibition featuring dogs doesn’t make me salivate (like a dog), it at least makes me stop […]

‘Pallet Works’ @ Revelry Boutique Gallery

<ART> Through Aug. 14 ‘Pallet Works’ Revelry Boutique Gallery 742 E. Market St Free; 7 p.m. Jewelry maker, wood salvager, a man who just really wants to go to the beach — all of these titles aptly describe local artist Bobby Hinkel. Hinkel’s art career began after bringing home a wire ring he bought […]

‘Hard Candy’ with Trinity K. Bonet @ Play Dance Bar

<DRAG> Wednesday, July 23 ‘Hard Candy’ with Trinity K. Bonet Play Dance Bar 1101 E. Washington St. $5-$10; 10 p.m. A single loss in a young career won’t stop one up-and-coming diva from dazzling crowds. If you tuned into this year’s season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” you are familiar with young yet seasoned queen […]

Jazz Collective Night @ Dreamland

<MUSIC> Wednesday, July 23 Jazz Collective Night Dreamland 810 E. Market St. $7; 7 p.m. On this fine Wednesday evening, you can treat yourself to not just one but two jazz groups from our nation’s capital. Team Players and Liver Quiver will be hosting an event dubbed “Washington, D.C., Jazz Collective Night.” Team Players […]

Wye Oak @ Zanzabar

<MUSIC> Tuesday, July 22 Wye Oak Zanzabar 2100 S. Preston St. $15-$17; 9 p.m. Wye Oak, the band’s namesake, was the 460-year-old honorary state tree of Maryland before being destroyed by a lightning storm in 2002. I thought there might be a metaphor there, but I’m just not seeing it. Wye Oak, the band, […]

Maxwell @ Louisville Palace

<MUSIC> Tuesday, July 22 Maxwell Louisville Palace 625 S. Fourth St. $52+; 8 p.m. In 1999, when Maxwell released “Fortunate,” I was in love … with him … and his song. I loved his silky smooth voice and the way he melted my heart like a dab of butter on a steaming pile of […]

‘Growth’ by Helen Tegeler @ Cressman Center for Visual Arts

<ART> Through Aug. 16 ‘Growth’ by Helen Tegeler Cressman Center for Visual Arts 100 E. Main St. The University of Louisville Hite Art Institute is currently showing the works of Ohio-based artist Helen Tegeler in the nature-inspired exhibition “Growth.” The show “brings together (Tegeler’s) love of plants and the human desire to collect, classify […]

‘word. object’ @ Swanson Contemporary

<ART> Through July 28 ‘word. object’ Swanson Contemporary 638 E. Market St. • 589-5466 Although they pop up occasionally, we usually don’t expect to find words in visual art. That’s reading, not seeing. But what if the work is made up of words, where what is printed is the art? Welcome to “word. object.” […]

‘No One is Perfect’ @ Ultra Pop!

<ART> Through July 31 ‘No One is Perfect’ Ultra Pop! 960 Barret Ave. There was a time when someone having tattoos meant they were to be feared. You saw a dude with a tattoo, and he probably had a knife on him, too. Nowadays, however, 45 million Americans have at least one of them […]

‘Odd Corners in Louisville’ @ Hite Art Institute, U of L

<ART> Through July 20 ‘Odd Corners in Louisville’ Hite Art Institute, U of L 104 Schneider Hall  • 540-5146 Preservation Louisville is treating us to an exhibition of the past and present. The two-part show features drawings by Alexander Van Leshout of 1920s Louisville alongside contemporary photographs by Dennis Crews. Van Leshout was a […]

Jane Austen Festival @ Locust Grove

<FEST> July 18-20 Jane Austen Festival Locust Grove 561 Blankenbaker Lane $5-$20; various times After a painful, treacherous year in AP English literature, it is difficult for me to even think of classic authors such as Jane Austen. Thankfully, there are several people who don’t have the same problem. The Jane Austen Festival is […]

Kevin Talley @ Old 502 Winery

<ART> Thursday, July 17 Kevin Talley Old 502 Winery 120 S. 10th St. Free; 6-9:30 p.m. Kevin Talley has a grab bag of a résumé: model, airline ramp worker, writer for his self-help blog, “Tall Guy with a Camera” and, most recently, photographer. The self-taught artist, who’s pretty tall and is often seen with […]

Hundred Waters @ Zanzabar

<MUSIC> Wednesday, July 16 Hundred Waters Zanzabar 2100 S. Preston St. $10-$12; 9 p.m. When you first hear of a band called Hundred Waters, you might assume it will be simply a recording of a babbling brook. However, Hundred Waters is what a babbling brook would be if you added lyrics and changed the […]

Jason Lescalleet’s ‘Trophy Tape’ @ Dreamland

<MUSIC> Wednesday, July 16 Jason Lescalleet’s ‘Trophy Tape’ Dreamland 810 E. Market St. $10; 7 p.m. Jason Lescalleet isn’t your typical musical artist. He records and performs his bizarre, experimental songs on equipment (lots of old tape decks) that most would call archaic at this point. However, his sound is far ahead of that […]

Beer with a Scientist @ Against the Grain

  <SCIENCE> Wednesday, July 16 Beer with a Scientist Against the Grain 401 E. Main St. Free admission; 8 p.m. “No one lives forever, no one. But with advances in modern science and my high level income, it’s not crazy to think I can live to be 245, maybe 300.” If only these words from […]

Jon Mueller’s Death Blues @ Dreamland

<MUSIC> Tuesday, July 15 Jon Mueller’s Death Blues Dreamland 810 E. Market St. $10; 7 p.m. Death Blues is the side project of Jon Mueller, also known for Pele, Collections of Colonies of Bees and the Bon Iver-associated Volcano Choir, and I could not think of a better name for the music he creates […]

Me Jane @ The Rudyard Kipling

<MUSIC> Tuesday, July 15 Me Jane The Rudyard Kipling 422 W. Oak St. $5; 8 p.m. After recording an album in the “bleary winter of 2013” in Chicago, Me Jane is ready to tackle just about anything. The Windy City quartet released its debut record July 1 on vinyl and is touring through the […]

Lemuria @ Zanzabar

<MUSIC> Monday, July 14 Lemuria Zanzabar 2100 S. Preston St. $10; 9 p.m. Lemuria is the subject of a long-disproved scientific hypothesis stating that there used to be an extra continent between India and Madagascar, explaining why those are the only places on Earth with lemurs. Lemuria is also a dancey, not-exactly-pop-punk band from […]

Weekender – July 12 & 13

<FILM> Saturday, July 12 Rally for a PlantPure Nation Iroquois Amphitheater 1080 Amphitheater Road Free; 6:30-9:30 p.m. In 2011, nutritional scientist and writer T. Colin Campbell came to Kentucky State Representative Tom Riner and together they created a pilot program documenting the health benefits of a plant-based diet. After taking their insulin, lobbyists immediately […]

Copper & Kings

<DRINK> Friday, July 11 Copper & Kings 1111 E. Washington St. $5 (tour); 5 p.m. Still currently under construction, Copper & Kings will open its doors (softly and unofficially) to the public for one night. Louisville’s first brandy distillery will offer craft cocktails, burgers from Black Rock Grille Food Truck and local music by […]